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Your First Appointment

I'm so happy you decided to come for acupuncture!

So here's what you need to know:

1) Book the appointment online through:

Please note that your name is not available for other people to see. It's only available for us (Acupuncture Nirvana) to see. If you are not a computer person, call me at 518-409-6993 or email me at so we can schedule an appointment for you.

2) Please do not arrive early (but bring your reading glasses if you need them to fill out our initial intake form).

3) I am located at :

the Shirt Factory, 21 Cooper Street, Suite 104 (1st floor). It's near the traffic circle in downtown Glens Falls. When you park, park in the Cooper street lot or if you want to use the handicap access ramp, go to the Lawrence street parking lot (across from the Post Star).

However, we are moving during the first week of May and will reopen at:

451 Glen Street

Glens Falls, NY 12801

4) What is appropriate behavior/clothing for when I go to acupuncture?

  • Please whisper/talk softly.
  • Please go to the bathroom before your treatment.
  • If you are uncomfortable at any time during your treatment, call me. If I don't come, speak louder. I don't want you to be uncomfortable so please don't hesitate to call.
  • Please wear loose clothing. Wear a tank top or sports bra if you want your upper back worked on.
  • I keep the space warm because people sometimes disrobe to get treated and it's very easy to get cold. There are table heaters and blankets as well, but if you run hot, then you may want to bring shorts and a tank top.
  • There is relaxing music playing. I'm a big believer in using all the senses to relax you. But if you are very sensitive to sound then bring ear plugs.
  • If you are sensitive to scents (essential oils or incense) please let me know prior to coming so I can make sure we don't use essential oils or incense that day.
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