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What does Acupuncture Nirvana mean?

You can always think of Nirvana as a state of bliss, where you are relaxed and at peace with everyone and everything. A lot of people joke about getting their "nirvana" on when they get a treatment. Which is awesome. But I didn't just choose it as a business name thinking of flowers and sunshine.

Nirvana is a Sanskrit word that means “blown out” as in the fires of suffering has finally been extinguished and perfect peace is realized. The fires refers to the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of living: pains in the back and neck, as well as pain in the heart and anxiety that won't go away.

When the fires of suffering have blown out, all suffering and pain is gone, the monkey mind, that internal chatter that says we are not good enough, that we don't have enough, that we need to always worry…the monkey mind is quiet. Perfect peace becomes part of our life.

When the fire is put out, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering is gone. That’s the goal of my practice. To help people heal who are suffering, one person at a time. It's my way of changing the world and making it a better place to live in.

The goals of Acupuncture Nirvana:

To provide the best healing services possible and to continue the process of learning in order to continue to offer the best to our patients.

To create lifelong relationships built on trust, good health, and successful treatment outcomes. 

To ensure that you are comfortable, safe, and cared for during each treatment.

To work towards the goals you set each treatment. Getting you better is a team effort – I value and request your feedback as we work together. I’m happy to answer questions along the way.

To promote a more holistically minded focus on healthcare, focusing not just on one part of each person, but the person as a whole.

To promote an integrative vision of healthcare: I’m not throwing out western medicine. My father was a doctor and I saw how modern medicine has alot of value. However, I believe that the best healthcare system integrates what we have discovered about medicine in the last 250 years (modern medicine) and what we have known for a long time (oriental medicine, which is 3000+ years old). Using both systems of medicine ultimately provides you the best care.

To become an oasis that creates a happier, healthier, more peaceful community.

To inspire a vision of wellness, creativity, peace and well-being in each person’s life that they may not have been able to visualize before.

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