Acupuncture Nirvana - holistic medicine for pain

acupuncture in Glens Falls, NY and in Queensbury, NY and in South Glens Falls, NY and in Saratoga Springs, NY
Thanks for visiting!  Welcome to Acupuncture Nirvana.
When you visit, you'll relax on the heated massage tables with surrounding each table.  Healing music is playing, and you relax and let the acupuncture take your pain and stress away.  Acupuncture treatments are done for pain, muscle spasm, stress, digestion problems, , , neck and back pain, knee and ankle injuries, and so much more.  We use electric stimulation, hydrocollator (wet heat), and various creams and plasters that are minty, have menthol in them, or just make you feel good.  All you really have to do is lay down and relax. 

Open Hours
Walk ins welcome, no appointments
2 - 7pm

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday (coming 9/1 Fridays are being expanded to 9:30am to 7pm)

By Appointment Only 
Mornings & afternoons

  • Mondays
  • Wednesdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays*

* Please note that I work every other weekend at the hospital 7-3pm, but the weekends I don't work, I can take morning or afternoon Saturday appointments and Sunday morning appointments. The weekends I do work, I can take appointments only after 3:30pm on Saturdays only.   

Call 518-409-6993 or email
to schedule a time.

Saturday & Sunday
October 25 & 26
$12.50 a person

A 45 minute acupuncture for 
relaxation, and rest to the sound 
of guided meditations that are 
soothing and imaginative.

Preregistration required!!  
Please call 518-409-6993 or