Acupuncture Nirvana - holistic medicine for pain
Thanks for visiting!  Welcome to Acupuncture Nirvana.
When you visit, you'll relax on the heated massage tables with shoji screen room dividers surrounding each table for privacy.  Healing music is playing, and you relax and let the acupuncture take your pain and stress away. 
Acupuncture treatments are done for:
  • pain, muscle spasm, and injury
    (neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, knee pain, etc.)
  • tendonitis, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis
  • stress and anxiety
  • migraines and headaches
  • digestion problems like IBS and Chrones
  • autoimmune issues like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis
  • PMS and cramping
  • pregnancy issues (like carpal tunnel during pregnancy, back pain, induction of birth)
  • infertility
  •  and so much more! 
What does it feel like?
You will feel tingly at first, and then blissfully relaxed. Acupuncture has been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins; your body’s natural happy chemicals.   
You won’t have as many aches and pains. Your breathing, circulation and digestion will improve; your mind will become calmer and more focused; your wounds will heal more quickly; you will have more energy during the day and sleep easier at night.    
There are no chemicals involved aside from those produced by your own body. Also, acupuncture stimulates your body to flush out toxins, which is important to staying healthy. There are no side effects to acupuncture, only side benefits. While you may come in looking to solve a specific problem, you will eventually notice that you are feeling better in other ways as well.  
FRI 11/28, 10-3:30pm
SAT 11/29 10-3:30pm
SUN 11/30 10 - 3:30pm
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3 treatments for $36
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5) We look forward to seeing
you!  Wear loose clothing, and
eat a few hours before coming.
Please do not come after
drinking any alcohol (it will
prevent the treatment from
being effective).  Thank you!!!

Saturday December 6:
Meditation and Relaxation

45 minutes  of acupuncture
for stress and anxiety,
to the sound of restful
and soothing meditations. 

Prepay $12.50 to reserve a
spot.  You must cancel within
48 hours to recieve a refund.
Thank you!